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Transform your workday with our innovative carpenter software! Simplify project management, streamline material handling, and automate invoicing to maximize your business's efficiency. Experience a seamless, intuitive, and robust solution designed to let you focus on perfecting your craft. Save valuable time and enhance your workflow, ensuring every project is executed flawlessly. Begin your journey with Plancraft today!

Key features for building carpentries:

Keep costs Under control.

In the carpentry business, accurate calculations are key to your success. Plancraft's software is designed to help you maintain control over all costs with our advanced calculation features. Easily integrate and manage material, labor, and other costs to ensure your projects are profitable and efficiently executed. Plancraft’s calculation tool is your reliable partner for flawless project delivery.

Centralize your business data.

Carpentry businesses require effective data management. Plancraft's software offers a centralized platform to manage all your essential business data. Keep your master data and services organized and accessible, ensuring smooth operations for your carpentry business with plancraft.

Enhance project management.

Modern projects demand excellent organization and collaboration. Plancraft’s software is designed to simplify these tasks. Manage projects effortlessly, assign tasks, coordinate team members, and use project-specific chats to ensure effective communication. Plancraft provides the tools you need to keep your carpentry projects running seamlessly.

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Max Böhm Carpentry | 1-4 employees

I'm more than satisfied!

"I've been using the software for almost a year and I love it. Thanks to continuous development and superfast customer service (in case I don't know what to do), it is simply fun to work with the app."


Lang Carpentry |  20 employees

Top Buchhaltungssoftware

"Highly recommended for smaller businesses, entrepreneurs, and even well-established companies. It keeps expanding with new features, and the user interface and functionality are impeccable. Totally satisfied."


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Plancraft saves time, is super easy to learn, and offers many great features. Get started and gain more time for your craft.
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