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Our greatest strength: The team!

Plancraft's success lies in the diverse and driven nature of our team. We are deeply committed to our mission, creating lasting change in the craft sector. At plancraft, TEAM isn’t just a word – it’s our way of life. We uphold #together, ensuring everyone stands on equal ground. We stay #humble, constantly growing and learning together. Every day with our team is simply #stoked.


We're simply stoked! Our vision of digital craftsmanship ignites the fire within us.

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We are truly us, authentic, and always on eye level. Because we know that together we achieve more than alone.


No bullshit. Just 100% us, authentic, and always on eye level.

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You want to change the world?

Perfect, so do we! Our mission is to revolutionize the craft sector. Together, we can build, enhance, and perfect this new world. Join us to leverage your skills fully and grow continuously. At plancraft, we foster a dynamic work environment that encourages creativity, teamwork, and innovation. Apply today and join our journey.

To the open positions
Artur und Till von Plancraft in einem Gespräch

Our founders

The story of plancraft begins like every compelling narrative—with a vision and its founders. Since 2020, our three founders have been driven by the mission “creating space for craftspeople, so they can do, what they love.” Alexander, the civil engineer and carpenter's son, has been enhancing our app from the beginning. Richard handles the technical implementation flawlessly. Julian is the plancraft contact, helping you digitize your business effectively.

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Living solidarity

Together as a team, we have decided to stand up for solidarity beyond the limits of our daily work. All plancraft employees donate part of their monthly salary to the Viva con Agua St. Pauli Association in Hamburg.

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