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Enhance your joinery operations with our advanced craftsman software created for woodworking experts. Our software simplifies the administration of orders, materials, and billing, significantly improving your business efficiency. It's user-friendly, fast, and reliable, so you can dedicate more time to perfecting your craft. Save time and increase your productivity by handling your projects effectively and professionally. Begin your journey now and discover the advantages of our software designed for joiners!

Key features for joineries:

In-depth calculation made easy.

Joiners often deal with a variety of materials to achieve profitable results. Our software, designed specifically for joineries, offers a contemporary approach to calculations, perfectly suited to your business needs. With Plancraft, you can integrate all your materials effortlessly, keep track of labor and material costs, and apply markups. Your calculations will always be accurate and well-considered, making your furniture pieces profitable for your business.

Stammdaten Materialien

Master data made simple.

Plancraft’s master data management is crucial for your joinery business. Our specialized software for joiners allows you to manage your master data efficiently. You can store and update all your materials centrally when prices change, and keep track of your services. This way, you always have a comprehensive overview of your essential data.

Stammdaten Leistungen

Seamless project management.

Need to manage various individual projects? Plancraft helps you coordinate all your projects and stay on top of things. Our craftsman software allows you to assign tasks, manage employees, and utilize project-specific chats for effective communication and collaboration. Plancraft is the perfect software solution for your joinery, keeping you organized and up-to-date.

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Sebastian Dutkiewicz Joinery | 1-4 employees

"I've been using the software in my joinery for three months and am very happy to have taken this step.

Less office. More craftsmanship. 👍 Keep it up. ..."


Ars Habitat Joinery Dirk M. Luz | 5-10 employees

Less office work, more time for my craft

"Project-related work, everything available at a glance, mobile app is now indispensable for daily work. Recording of times, customer details such as telephone contact, address and navigation can be retrieved with just one click. Pictures, documents, notes can be posted directly on site. Quick and intuitive operation. Easy setup of master data."


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