Sole Proprietor

How Hagen Wolter went from Excel to efficiency.

"Before I used plancraft, I used Excel for my quotations and invoices. The time required was immense"

Main Successes
Finally, quotes and invoices never take longer than 10 minutes.
A small but powerful feature: automatic address completion makes life easier for Hagen.
"At plancraft, we don't work against each other, we work together."

Martin's Problem before using Plancraft

Hagen Wolter knows the stress that outdated methods such as Excel can create. ‘Before I used plancraft, I used Excel for my quotations and invoices. The time required was enormous,’ he says. Who wants to sit in front of a computer for hours to create quotes and invoices? Hagen certainly doesn't. But that was part of his everyday life for a long time.

Plancraft's Solution

He found the ultimate solution to this problem in plancraft. ‘Since I started using plancraft, things have changed significantly. A quote never actually takes me longer than 10 minutes, because the copy-and-paste function makes everything super fast.’ For Hagen, this is a game changer. He not only saves time, but also a lot of nerves.

Features that make the Difference

It's the small things that often make the big difference. "What I find really cool is the automatic address completion. When I create a new customer, the address data is automatically completed, which prevents errors," he enthuses. No annoying searching, no typos - plancraft makes it possible.

"The search function for specific services and the copy function with checkmarks are also extremely helpful. You can simply copy and past texts that you have created yourself." This is pure efficiency for Hagen, because he can use his own text modules again and again.

Hagen's Summary about Plancraft

Hagen is not just a fan of plancraft, he is a true ambassador. "Definitely a recommendation. I've always been a big promoter of you because your service and cooperation with the craftsmen are excellent," he says.

But for him, it goes far beyond the software. ‘We are like a big family in which everyone can learn from everyone else and make suggestions for improvement. It's not about working against each other, but with each other.’ Hagen sees plancraft not just as a tool, but as a community in which every individual counts and everyone can grow together.