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How tiler Sebastian Blümel saves 8 hours a week with Plancraft, the easy craftsman's software

“Plancraft is the best and most innovative software for craftsmen that I've ever had, absolutely fantastic.”

Main Successes
Sebastian saves around 8 hours a week by using plancraft.
Through plancraft, he was able to increase his efficiency and found a real ‘all-round’ solution.
The planning board is the perfect feature for Sebastian

Sebastian's major Problem before Plancraft

Sebastian Blümel, also known as the ‘Lord of Tiles’, describes his experience before plancraft as followed: "Before I discovered plancraft, I was using a different software, simply a quotation and invoicing program for craftsmen. But that was it." Even with an existing software program, he struggled with slow processes and unfinished paperwork.

Plancraft's Solution

In plancraft, Sebastian found the solution he was so desperately looking for: software that enables more than just quotations and invoices. "Plancraft was a game changer for me. The easy usability of the software immediately won me over," he summarizes.

Not only has plancraft minimized the administrative workload, it has also revolutionized project organization. "What I really like is the project organization and documentation. I can now finally involve my employees directly," Sebastian continues.

With plancraft, he now also uses digital time recording, professional calculation and even a planning board. "The planning board was recently released and is the perfect addition for organized project planning," he emphasizes.

Plancraft not only offers greater efficiency, but also an intuitive user interface. ‘Communication on the construction site and documentations are now done via chat,’ he adds.

For Sebastian, plancraft is more than just a software; it's an all-round solution that gives him the freedom to focus on what he does best: his trade. Since introducing plancraft, Sebastian Blümel saves 8 hours of work every week.

Features that make the Difference

For Sebastian, plancraft is not just a software, but rather a real game changer for his trade. "What particularly helps me with plancraft is the fast quotation creation and direct e-mail service," he emphasizes. With features like these, he saves valuable time and eliminates the usual administrative effort at the same time.

But that's not all. Sebastian now also has more control over his working hours. "I can now always keep an eye on my working hours," he says, which improves resource planning and management." With these special features, plancraft differs from other tradesman apps and offers a customized solution for the specific requirements of tradesmen's businesses.

It is obvious that plancraft not only improves efficiency, but also increases the quality of work. The best thing about plancraft is that it can grow with your business thanks to its flexible pricing plans.

Sebastian's Conclusion about Plancraft

For Sebastian, plancraft is more than just a software tool; it's the "best and most innovative tradesman software I've ever had, absolutely awesome. Brilliant and fast support, never anything else," he emphasizes.