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Digitalization for everyone in the craft sector

The digital transformation is a key issue for the skilled crafts sector. It is characterized by the fact that work no longer has to take place in the workplace, and the boundaries between private and working life are becoming blurred.

If the digital transformation in the skilled trades is to succeed, new knowledge must be sustainable, i.e. applicable in practice and the basis for independent further training.

The Digital Campus is intended to be the place where companies, training and further training institutions and event organizers can find the topics that form precisely this basis.

Easy to understand - practical - for every craftsman.

Here is an example from an event at the Industrial School of Color & Design (Stuttgart)

New insights & knowledge to take home

The 2020/21 Master School Study

Craftspeople set up businesses and take on management tasks in existing companies, so there is a great opportunity in their training and further education. The 2020/21 master craftsman school study therefore examines this topic:

"Sustainability of software skills taught in master craftsman preparation."

More than 200 participants answer key questions, which are then discussed with further scientific work from recent years.

  • How did master students feel about the quality of teaching with regard to digital support on key topics?
  • Which aspects of digital education do master students see as applicable in practice?
  • What self-assessment do master students have regarding the use of mobile devices in their professions?
Nachhaltigkeit vermittelter Softwarekompetenzen in der Meistervorbereitung
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Digital Campus offerings

Whether on the big stage, in the classroom at the master school or live on the web.
The Digital Campus offers you a place for continuing education on digital topics related to crafts.


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Thematic offers

We offer lectures on a wide range of topics related to digitization.
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