Construction company
8 Employees

How Dennis Höper Drives Growth with plancraft

Main Successes
Offers and invoices in record time. Dennis saves time in the office.
Plancraft works seamlessly on both Mac and iPad.
Dennis can actively shape plancraft with feedback from the field.

Speed in the office — how plancraft enables growth

Dennis Höper, CEO of BauProTherm GmbH, uses plancraft to leverage digitization in the craftsman industry. With locations in Cologne and Bad Segeberg, BauTherm GmbH specializes in underfloor heating and cooling systems.

Switching to plancraft significantly improved their document creation process, making it much faster. Dennis values features like converting quotes into order confirmations and invoices, creating documents with just a few steps. The drag-and-drop functionality also simplifies creating quotes. These features have made work at BauProTherm GmbH much easier, enabling more employees to use plancraft effectively.

Plancraft helped Dennis Höper’s company transition from a one-man operation to an efficient eight-person team by establishing a strong digital foundation for growth.

Actively shaping the development of plancraft, that's what Dennis appreciates

The constant development of plancraft is another advantage. New features that make life easier are regularly released. Dennis especially values that he and his company are actively involved in the software's development. They can share their hands-on experience and suggest improvements. These direct discussions with the plancraft team are valuable and ensure that the software is continuously improved and tailored to users' needs. With plancraft, Dennis found a solution that not only structures and simplifies his company's workflows but also supports BauTherm GmbH's growth and development. Plancraft is an easy-to-use craftsman software that made the transition from a one-man operation to a growing company easier.

Old, complicated, and error-prone - Dennis's old software

Dennis Höper, CEO of BauProTherm GmbH, faced the challenge of efficiently managing his growing company. Initially, BauProTherm GmbH used very complex industry software. Although it offered many features, it was so complicated that it was difficult to teach new employees simple processes. The error rate in creating invoices and quotes was high. This situation made it challenging for Dennis as a one-man operation to manage his growing company efficiently.