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Ben's journey to more efficiency and independence with Plancraft

"The individual support and personal contact is simply fantastic!"

Main Successes
Write quotes and invoices from anywhere to save time
Personal contact and first-class support are crucial factors for Ben
Ben emphasizes the importance of mobile use, which has opened up a new level of flexibility for him

Bens Problem before using Plancraft

Before Ben discovered Plancraft, he felt limited by inefficient workflows and the need to constantly sit in front of a computer in the office. "Quoting and invoicing was a long process, and the software options I had were expensive. We're talking about thousands of euros," he remembers.

Plancraft's Solution

Ben found the ideal solution to his problems in plancraft and was one of the very first plancraft users. "The free trial version convinced me and the monthly fee instead of thousands of euros in one go, like other software companies, is a real relief for me," he says. But what impressed him most was the personal contact. "The support is just gigantic, and the personal contact is super personable," he adds. As one of the first users of plancraft, he particularly appreciates the fact that he is involved in the further development of the software.

Features that make the Difference

The mobile usage of plancraft is a game changer for Ben. “I can now write quotations and invoices on my iPad wherever I am. It has revolutionized the way I work,” he explains. The intuitive and sleek interface makes it a real pleasure to use.

Ben's Summary about Plancraft

“Plancraft is more than just a software for me, plancraft is a partner that has accompanied me on my path to success,” Ben sums up. He is impressed by the flexibility and possibilities that plancraft offers and is looking forward to future developments.