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Simplify your daily operations with our advanced craftsman software tailored for painters and varnishers! Our program makes managing orders, materials, and invoices a breeze, enhancing the efficiency of your painting business. Designed to be easy to use, quick, and reliable, our software allows you to concentrate on what really matters – your craft as a painter and varnisher! Save time and boost efficiency by executing your projects smoothly and professionally with our software. Begin today and feel the difference with our software for painters and varnishers!

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Key features for painters and varnishers:

Mobile Measurements.

With plancraft for painting and varnishing businesses, you can quickly and easily take measurements of rooms or facades directly on-site, saving time and improving communication with your team. It has never been easier to capture measurements directly on-site and quickly create orders or invoices. Increased efficiency and accuracy can lead to cost savings.

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Reuse Documents and Positions.

You can easily save, organize, and quickly reuse documents and positions when needed. Our software solution allows you to optimize and speed up your workflows, achieving higher productivity and efficiency. This way, you can complete your office work faster and more efficiently without sacrificing quality.

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Effortless time tracking for your team.

Experience a seamless solution for managing work hours both in the office and on-site. With our intuitive mobile app, your employees can quickly and accurately log their working hours, ensuring efficient time tracking and improved productivity. Say goodbye to manual time sheets and streamline your operations today.

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SP Painter Meisterbetrieb | 10-19 employees

Einfach, innovativ und effektiv....

"After many attempts and a lengthy search for an effective program, I found plancraft. The processes are simple and integrate well within a company of 15 employees. Plancraft offers all the essential tools I need. The best part is that they listen to my feedback and involve me in the development process, making it truly valuable."


K. Wulf painting | 5-9 employees

"A very straightforward and excellent invoicing program. My employees and I are completely happy with its structured design. I recommend it to everyone."


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Plancraft saves time, is super easy to learn, and offers many great features. Get started and gain more time for your craft.
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