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How Markus, As a new founder, gets off to a great start with plancraft

"It's easy to use and the program is constantly evolving."

Main Successes
The app function for recording working hours is a big plus for calculation and planning.
Markus Rüdiger emphasizes how plancraft made it easier for him to get started as a new founder.
Plancraft adapts to the needs of its users and is constantly evolving.

Markus Problem before using Plancraft

Markus Rüdiger, a new founder, was faced with the challenge of finding a suitable software solution for his company. He had also looked at other software solutions during his search, but found these solutions complicated and overloaded. "I wanted to focus on the trade, not on complicated software," says Markus.

Plancraft's Solution

After asking around in his community and having an initial demo with our plancraft team, the decision was quickly made. “Plancraft is easy to set up and ideal for beginners like me,” he explains.

Features that make the Difference

Markus highlights the continuous development of plancraft. "The program is constantly learning and adapting to my needs," he says. A particular highlight for him is recording working hours via the app, which makes calculating in the office much easier. "That helped me a lot when I started my own business."

Martin's Summary about Plancraft

“Plancraft has definitely taken the pressure off me and allows me to concentrate on what I do best: my craft,” Markus sums up. He sees plancraft not just as software, but as a partner who supports him in his professional career.