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From Excel to excellence. Plancraft - The game changer for Thomas Muschelknautz

erfolgsgeschichte Thomas Muschelknautz

“Compared to other programs, which are not only expensive to purchase but also to maintain, plancraft offers a solution that is a thousand times better.”

Main Successes
Plancraft has helped Thomas to get away from his old methods and work more efficiently.
The software is super simple and user-friendly and therefore also suitable for computer beginners.
For Thomas, the direct and personal contact with the support is a key benefit of plancraft.

Thomas Problem before using Plancraft

Thomas felt like he was still in the Middle Ages when it came to office work. "I did everything with Excel, which isn't really allowed in terms of saving quotes and invoices," he says. Expensive software alternatives with maintenance contracts didn't seem to be a solution either.

Plancraft's Solution

Switching to plancraft was a huge step for Thomas. "I had the choice between expensive programs with additional maintenance contracts and plancraft. The decision was easy," he says. What particularly impressed him was the personal contact with our support team. "I can simply send Artur a WhatsApp or a voice message. It's so much more direct and personal than anything I've had before."

Features that make the Difference

Thomas is enthusiastic about the user-friendliness of plancraft. “The drag-and-drop system makes it really easy to create quotes. And creating invoices is really as easy as it's promised to be - the invoice is ready in just three clicks!” he adds.

Thomas Summary about Plancraft

“Plancraft is the best craftsman software for people like me who are not computer professionals. It's simple, efficient and the support is excellent,” summarizes Thomas. He sees plancraft not just as a tool, but as a partner who supports him in his work.