Sole Proprietor

How the new founder Giuseppe optimized his company right from the beginning.

“The time I save when creating quotations and invoices with plancraft is simply incredible.”

Main Successes
Giuseppe saves around 10 hours a week by using plancraft.
The time tracking feature is a highlight for Giuseppe, which makes his work much easier.
“Yes, you could actually highlight everything”

Giuseppe's Starting Point

Painter Giuseppe Giannino founded his business in 2022 and knew from the very beginning that he needed an efficient software solution. “It was clear to me that I needed a software that would make my work much easier,” he says. Especially as a new founder, he didn't want to spend an unnecessarily long time dealing with office work in addition to the many tasks that needed to be done. However, he only found a few software solutions on the market that met his requirements as a painter and were easy to use.

Plancraft's Solution

Giuseppe found a solution in Plancraft that is easy, simple and fast. “The time saved when creating quotes and invoices with plancraft is simply incredible,” he enthuses. According to his own words, he saves around 10 hours a week. Plancraft is therefore exactly what he needed for his newly founded company.

Features that make the Difference

Giuseppe is particularly impressed by the time recording function. “What's really great is the time tracking. I simply type in my hours via the app, assign it to the project and that's it,” he explains. This function allows him to manage all his working hours easily and efficiently without the need of an additional app. This means he has his entire office in one app. In addition to time tracking, Giuseppe highlights plancraft's all-in-one functionality and device-independent accessibility. “Yes, you could actually highlight everything,” he says. “Have it on all devices and always ready to use.” This universal availability allows him to work efficiently from anywhere, no matter which device he is working with.

Guiseppe's Conclusion about Plancraft

“I would recommend plancraft to anyone, especially new founders like me. The functions are simply intuitive. If you do have any questions, then there are great explanation videos and top support,” he says.