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How roofer Jonas Dämgen revolutionized his company with Plancraft

"Before we introduced plancraft in our company, we were struggling with numerous problems, especially in communication between different locations and with colleagues working from home."

Main Successes
Efficient processes and sharing of information in real time
Plancraft is designed so that it can be used efficiently by all employees, regardless of their position.
Jonas emphasises how plancraft has improved communication and planning in his company.

Jonas Problem before using Plancraft

Jonas Dämgen and his team faced a number of challenges before introducing plancraft. Communication between different locations and colleagues working from home was particularly difficult. "We struggled to organize our processes efficiently and share information in real time," says Jonas.

Plancraft's Solution

The introduction of plancraft has revolutionized Jonas' company. “The planning board and the project overviews have completely changed the way we work. Now we can support each other better and have greater certainty in planning,” he explains. The first-class customer support and continuous updates provided by plancraft are particularly worth mentioning. “This has increased our satisfaction enormously.”

Features that make the Difference

For Jonas and his team, there are many features that make plancraft so valuable. “The ability to view our colleagues' questions online and simplify vacation planning has increased the satisfaction of all employees,” he says. The user-friendly interface and the flexibility of the software are further plus points. “From apprentices to the accounting department, everyone can easily access the data they need.”

Jonas Summary about Plancraft

“Plancraft has not only revolutionized the way we work, but also had a huge impact on our company. We are extremely grateful for the support and look forward to further developments,” concludes Jonas.