Sole Proprietor

How Martin Bienek made his company more efficient with Plancraft.

“If you like it simple and want to create invoices and quotes quickly, then just use plancraft!”

Main Successes
Martin's work has become much more efficient since using plancraft.
The mobile app from plancraft is a real highlight for Martin, making his day-to-day work easier.
“Plancraft has simply made my business faster!”

Martin's Problem before using Plancraft

Martin Bruno Bienek hatte das Problem, dass es für seinen Mac nur eine begrenzte Auswahl an Softwaremöglichkeiten gab, mit denen es ihm möglich war, Angebote und Rechnungen zu erstellen. Diese Lösungen waren oft nicht auf Handwerker zugeschnitten und kosteten ihn im Alltag viel Zeit. "Ich musste dauernd Korrekturen machen, viele Umwege gehen und habe damit sehr viel Zeit verschwendet", erzählt er. 

Plancraft's Solution

Martin Bruno Bienek had the problem that there was only a limited range of software options for his Mac that allowed him to create quotations and invoices. These solutions were often not designed for craftsmen and cost him a lot of time on a day-to-day basis. “I was constantly having to make corrections, which wasted a lot of time,” he explains.

Features that make the Difference

The mobile app is a real highlight for Martin, as he uses it every day and particularly appreciates the quick access to all his data. “It's just great that you can see the data on the app in your cell phone, e.g. customer address, telephone number and so on, which is a real help for me,” he explains. This way, he can easily check on the way to a job what exactly needs to be done, where he has to go and can even track his times at the end. The ability to take pictures directly and add them to the project is also a very important function for him.

Martin's Summary about Plancraft

“If you want to keep it simple and create invoices and quotes quickly, then just use plancraft!”