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Ease your daily workload with our innovative craftsman software, specifically designed for construction companies! Our software simplifies the management of complex projects, materials, and invoices, improving your company's efficiency. It's user-friendly, fast, and reliable, allowing you to focus on what truly matters — your work as a contractor. Save precious time and boost efficiency by completing projects effectively and professionally. Get started today and experience the transformation with our software for contractors!

Key features for building contractors:

Precise calculations for major projects.

From simple construction tasks to complex major projects, accurate calculations are critical for success. Our craftsman software, tailored for construction companies, provides clean and detailed calculations for large projects. Plancraft enables you to accurately calculate material costs, labor hours, and other vital factors, ensuring efficient project planning and management.

All your data in one place.

For contractors and construction companies, having a centralized location for all relevant data is crucial. With our user-friendly craftsman software, you get a comprehensive view of the status of your essential materials and services. Our software's master data is tailored to the specific needs of building contractors, providing the perfect foundation for your projects.

Master your construction projects with ease.

Effective project management is vital for successful construction projects. With plancraft’s simple software, you can maintain control and streamline your project management. From large-scale projects to multiple simultaneous projects, plancraft helps you organize every aspect of your construction company. Project-specific chats and customizable labels help keep your projects organized and clear. plancraft delivers the ideal solution for project organization.

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"Great software, minimalistic and well-thought-out design, lots of useful features and good communication if you have any questions."


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"Very straightforward setup, and you quickly get accustomed to the application. The layout for offers/invoices is very modern and leaves a great impression. A cool, young team that is always open to feedback and improvement suggestions."


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