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How Painter Andy gains 6 hours of life every Saturday

Main Successes
With plancraft, Andy gains 24 hours every month, saving an average of €5400.
Whether on Mac or iPad – plancraft works seamlessly on all devices.
Thanks to the extensive support from plancraft, Andy can quickly resolve any questions at any time.

Less office Work, more craftsmanship - plancraft makes it possible

A passionate painter, Mister Handwerk 2020, and blogger on YouTube and Instagram, few painters embody modern, digital craftsmanship as well as Master Painter Andy. At Andy's, there’s no paper—everything is handled digitally. Since 2018, Andy has been an entrepreneur, constantly evolving his business with Plancraft by his side.

Since adopting Plancraft, Andy has saved a significant amount of time, allowing him to focus on other aspects of his business. He prepares quotes on-site, saving countless hours of office work. By easily dragging in new and existing items, he creates quotes and invoices in record time. With Plancraft, Andy works more efficiently than ever. The time saved with Plancraft allows Andy to not only pursue his passion for craftsmanship but also produce videos and other content. This way, he not only provides exclusive insights into his work but also inspires more people to appreciate craftsmanship.

Switching to plancraft - easy and fast

The transition to plancraft was a breeze for Master Painter Andy. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive features, he quickly learned the software and became productive immediately. The seamless data import facilitated a smooth transition, and thanks to Plancraft’s comprehensive support, Andy could resolve any questions promptly. Setting up Plancraft on all his devices was hassle-free, thanks to his personal contact, enabling Andy to streamline his workflows and save time right away.

Choosing plancraft was a stress-free decision that paved the way for more efficiency and success.

The challenge - digital craftsmanship on all devices

For his work and video editing, the painter from Husum exclusively uses Apple devices. The biggest challenge was finding suitable craftsman software for his iPad, iPhone, and MacBook. Andy’s old invoicing program could be accessed online but required a virtual server login from the manufacturer. As a result, creating quotes and invoices was time-consuming, the software frequently crashed, and basic functions like copy & paste didn’t work. Thus, his old software was useless for all his Mac devices.