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How Krumbügel carpentry successfully digitalized with plancraft

Main Successes
Torben saves around 6 hours of office work every week thanks to plancraft.
Nowadays, Torben's team's time tracking runs 100% through plancraft. Additionally, Torben always has access to all relevant documents thanks to the plancraft craftsman cloud.
Communication is key, and this is also true for Torben's business. Thanks to plancraft and the project-specific chats, Torben and his employees communicate better and more smoothly than ever before.

Digital transformation in Krumbügel carpentry made possible by plancraft

In search of efficient software, carpenter Torben Krumbügel discovered plancraft. His work had previously been unstructured, lengthy, and complicated. Plancraft enabled him to digitize workflows, saving time and money.

With close support, the transition was easy, integrating the software seamlessly into daily operations. Plancraft revolutionized the working method at Krumbügel Carpentry by simplifying the management of workflows, time tracking, and communication on the construction site. With plancraft, Krumbügel Carpentry is well-equipped for the challenges of the modern craft industry.

What Torben appreciates most about plancraft is the personal contact with the plancraft team. The collaboration on an equal footing and the continuous development of the software ensure that the business always stays up to date. Plancraft continuously evolves, taking customer feedback to heart. This cooperation guarantees long-term success.

How the transition to plancraft was

The switch to plancraft was a significant step in Krumbügel Carpentry's digital transformation journey. The transition to plancraft was smoother and quicker than expected.

All relevant data were quickly imported, and the first projects were created. A key factor that made the switch to plancraft so seamless and successful for Krumbügel Carpentry was the personal contact who was available throughout the entire software changeover process. This individual support not only helped to address any challenges and uncertainties but also enabled a smooth integration of plancraft into existing workflows.

Why Torben was looking for a new craft software

Torben, the owner of Krumbügel Carpentry, was searching for craft software that would streamline work processes and improve communication and documentation on the construction site. With plancraft, he found a solution that not only met these requirements but also enhanced the efficiency and productivity of his team. The simplicity and ease of use of the plancraft app have enabled his employees to complete their work more efficiently and improve the quality of their output.