For your employees on the construction site.

Your office application now has a mobile app as an additional feature. This gives your employees access to all important information while on the go, whether on iOS or Android devices.

Your projects and documents always with you.

With plancraft, you have access to all your ongoing projects and their related messages, documents, and information.

Alle Projekte in der App deiner Handwerkersoftware

Time tracking for your working hours.

The integrated time tracking feature allows your employees and you to enter working hours quickly and easily in plancraft, without the need for an additional app. Along with work hours, you can also conveniently log vacation, sick days, or bad weather days.

Projektspezifischer Chat kommuniziere nahtlos im Team

Team chat for every project.

The project-specific chat facilitates internal communication between the office and the construction site. Photos, messages, and more are collected in one place in plancraft, ensuring your construction documentation is always up to date.

Projektbasierter Teamchat

Automatic work instructions.

Plancraft provides a quick overview of your work instructions within a project. Synchronizing tasks is no longer a problem.

Projektspezifischer Chat kommuniziere nahtlos im Team

Navigate directly to your work site.

Select the project, tap on details, start navigation. Just three taps and the route to your work site opens directly.

Direkte Navigation aus der App heraus

Quick access to all customer information.

No more searching for customer information in external apps thanks to integrated contact details. With one click, you can reach your customer by phone or email.

Projektspezifischer Chat kommuniziere nahtlos im Team

Check out our desktop software.

Büroarbeit geht auch leicht und unkompliziert.
Dank Plancraft hast du wieder mehr Zeit für dein Handwerk.


Your office staff manage all important documents.

Project management

Order documents and invoices organized in digital project folders.

Computer + Tablet

Quick document creation with your preferred devices.


Easily accessible through the browser of your choice.

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