For your employees in the office.

From quotes to reminders, plancraft makes your daily work easier thanks to its simple handling. Whether on a computer in the office, a laptop at home, or on the go with an iPad.

All important documents: from quote to final invoice.

With plancraft, you create all relevant order documents: quotes, order confirmations, delivery notes, down payments, and invoices. From tenders to repair orders, everything is possible.

Angebot, Auftragsbestätigung oder Abschlagsrechnung mit plancraft geschrieben

Time tracking for your employees.

Plancraft allows you to view, manage, and analyze your employees' recorded working hours. The times can be assigned to projects, so you always have real-time overview.

Zeiterfassung bei Plancraft

Organization in digital project folders.

Organize your orders in projects - your digital order folders. Everything important about the project is always in one place: your order documents, customer & project information, photos & plans. You'll never lose track again.

Plancraft Organisation in digitalen Projektmappen


Determine fair, profitable prices for your services through in-depth calculations. Keep an eye on wage and material costs and allocate surcharges. Your calculation always remains precise and accurate with Plancraft.

Preise tiefgreifend kalkulieren unter Berücksichtigung von Lohnkosten und Materialkosten

Intelligent position search.

No more scrolling through endless lists of items. With our intelligent search, you can find all positions in seconds. Easily reuse services and items and incorporate them into your quotes and invoices.

Intelligente Suche mit der du Leistungen, Kunden, Bauvorhaben und Artikel finden kannst

Mobile measurement.

Take measurements on-site at the customer's location? No problem! Enter your measurements and formulas directly into the plancraft tablet app to save valuable time. And paper...

Plancraft mobiles Aufmaß von unterwegs

Project-specific chat.

The project-specific chat allows for the internal exchange of messages, photos, and more. Whether in the office, on the construction site, or a quiet spot, the chat works on all devices and ensures seamless communication within the team.

Projektspezifischer Chat kommuniziere nahtlos im Team

Financial & payment management.

How much revenue did you make this month? Which invoices are still open? Which customers need to be reminded? plancraft has the answers. Manage advance payments, download automatic payment reminders, and make your accountant's life easier.

Übersicht über alle Rechnungen und Umsätze

More Features
for stress-free work


Send quotes, invoices, and other documents via email directly through plancraft.


Upload your custom letterhead or use plancraft’s automatic option.

DATEV Export

Use the DATEV export to forward your invoices directly to your tax advisor.

Automatic Attachments

Generate a separate cover sheet and table of contents for your documents.

VOB Payments

Create partial and final invoices in Plancraft according to VOB standards.

Number ranges

Assign custom number ranges and continuous invoice numbers according to §14 UStG.

Customer Database

Manage your customer database, storing important contact details, notes, and more.


Efficiently exchange documents with architects and partners via GAEB import and export.


Navigate through the dashboard to quickly access current projects and your invoice overview.

Construction Documentation

Take photos on-site, upload them to Plancraft, and share with your customers.

Show Labor Costs

List your labor costs separately so your private clients can deduct them from taxes.


Import X83 GAEB files, submit your prices, and participate in public tenders.


Create custom templates and save time when calculating new quotes.


Access your data from anywhere and any device thanks to the cloud—no installation needed.

Custom Look

Upload your logo and adjust the layout of your documents to match your business design.

Flexible Tax Rates

Calculate with 0% according to §13b UStG (Reverse Charge) and §19 UStG (Small Business Regulation).

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Office work made easy and straightforward. Thanks to plancraft, you’ll have more time for your craft again.

On the Go

Your employees on the construction site have all the essential functions at hand.

Project Execution

Quick access to project information, construction site documentation, and work instructions.


Your smartphone is your perfect companion on the go.

App / Playstore

Easy download as an external app with continuous updates.

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