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This has changed in the last 4 weeks!

We are pleased to introduce you to the latest features and improvements to our plancraft office application. With these updates, we make your life in the office easier and enable you to do your work even more efficiently.

1. Datanorm

One of the most requested interfaces is finally online: Datanorm. This makes it possible to import catalogs from your wholesalers.


After the import, the imported catalogs appear in a new area on the left within the master data. There you can import new catalogs via the plus button, as well as via "Import Datanorm" at the top right.

Import / update catalog

The retailer will usually send you several Datanorm files (as .zip files). These have various functions (new creation, deletion, price change, etc.). The files can be entered via the window shown in the image below. Depending on whether the catalog already exists or not, Plancraft imports or updates the items in the catalog.

Use material from catalogs

The material or article can be searched for and used as usual using the search function within the costing of services in the master data or in the document.

In addition, the articles can also be transferred directly to the WMS via the search on the right-hand side when editing documents.

💡 Notice: Contact us at if there are any problems with the import. As always, we are happy to help!

2. Article numbers in master data

We introduced article numbers as part of the Datanorm release. We have also adopted these for the self-created materials.We introduced article numbers as part of the Datanorm release. We have also adopted these for the self-created materials.

3. Invoice corrections

In practice, it often happens that invoices are reduced after verification. The reason for this can be, for example, an incorrectly transferred measurement. You can reduce invoices both in the project, in the invoice list and on the payment page of the invoice.

If you reduce an invoice, an invoice correction with its own invoice number is created as a "Related document". This reduces the outstanding amount of the original invoice so that it is marked as "Paid" despite the lower payment.

Verbesserungen in der mobilen App 📱

Ob Kunden, Material oder Leistungen - dank plancraft alles stets griffbereit auf deinem Handy oder Tablet. Bleibe immer auf dem neusten Stand, um auch mobil bestens ausgerüstet zu sein.

1. Materiallist in the mobil App

The list of materials in office applications has been around for a long time. It is now also available on the mobile app. Your employees can now use their smartphones to check which material they need to take with them to the construction site. The project information is now accessed via the i-icon in the top right corner.

In addition, we now also indicate within the work instructions which material is to be used in the respective services. As usual, Plancraft draws the information about this from the course of the selected document.

2. Projectsearch

Projects can now also be found more quickly via a search within time recording.

3. Adjust time entries for mobile employees

Office users can now adjust the time entries of mobile employees, e.g. if they have entered incorrect break times.

Mobile employees are notified of this in the smartphone app and can no longer change the time entry.

Also new in time recording

Holidays are counted

Entered public holidays are now also displayed as hours.

Unpaid vacation

There is a new time type "Unpaid leave".

More intuitive recording of work steps

Successive work steps can now be recorded more easily. If you / your employee create a new entry on the same day, Plancraft automatically sets the end time of the first entry as the start time of the second entry.

Better break time handling

Depending on how many hours the time entry spans, we automatically extend or shorten the break. In addition, entries can now also be written that only contain one break.

Weitere Verbesserungen

Wir möchten auch die neuesten kleinen Verbesserungen in Plancraft nicht unerwähnt lassen. Diese weiteren nützlichen Verbesserungen holen das letzte bisschen an Einfachheit im Büro für dich heraus und tragen dazu bei, dass deine Arbeitsabläufe noch reibungsloser verlaufen.

Further Improvements

Storage of Excel, GAEB, CAD...

In addition to PDFs and images, you can now also upload many other file types such as Excel, Word, GAEB, CAD, etc. in plancraft.

Link between project statistics and timesheet

Click on the working hours to open the timesheet filtered by project. This allows you to view the recorded times in detail.

Better photo quality

We have improved the quality of images uploaded in the chat so that more details are now visible in photos, especially in low-contrast photos. This makes it easier to document "subtle defects" (cracks in the wall, etc.).

Standard e-mail texts

Under Settings / Preferences / Automatic texts / Email template you can now define standard texts for emails by document type.

Cancellation of invoices

If you cancel an invoice, we create a so-called "cancellation invoice", which "zeros out" the original invoice with a negative balance. This reversal invoice can now also be viewed in the project and in the invoice list.

Confirm entries with Enter

In many dialogs / windows, you can now confirm your entry by pressing the Enter key on the keyboard.


As always, we hope you enjoy the new features  If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us:

Try it now, experience the joy.

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