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What is craftsman software?

First of all, there is the question of what craftsman software actually is and what tasks it should perform. Craftsman software solutions are basically programs that support craftsmen and craft businesses with various tasks in everyday business life. Good software simplifies work processes from order preparation to completion and helps you make your processes faster and more efficient.

Lots of functionality specifically for your craft

Craftsman software offers you the opportunity to digitally implement exactly the processes in your industry. The most important basic requirement before talking about the question of functionality is usability.

In 2022, it should be self-evident that craftsman programs look modern, are user-friendly and at the same time offer a high level of functionality. If you look at the majority of existing software solutions for craft businesses, you unfortunately have to realize that this is often not the case. Many solutions look as if they haven't adapted their design for 20 years, only work after installations on specific computers and cost half a fortune — they are simply out of date.

At the same time, many functions are presented in a complex way and therefore have exactly the opposite effect of what good craftsman software should do. They do not make processes easier for companies, but create new construction sites, so to speak. Long training periods, training and confused users are the consequences. And if you don't get along alone in the end, support costs money. But that doesn't have to be the case, because there is craftsman software that does exactly what it should and is also up to date.

Complex but not complicated

In fact, you'd think order processing can't be that terribly complicated. Writing offers, order confirmations, delivery notes or invoices is half as wild, isn't it?

In principle, that is also true. But there are — especially in the craft sector — some framework conditions and processes that ultimately make these tasks complex, as there are many aspects to consider.

This starts with the cumulative summary of advance invoices and extends to the inclusion of estimates.

It becomes a problem when software fails to solve this complexity for the user, regardless of whether it is for small business owners, small craft businesses or large craft companies.

And how do you do that?

Listen, understand, improve

Ganz straightforward:

Just by listening. And that's for craftsmen! This is how you understand the real procedures, stumbling blocks, problems and wishes of companies.

We have had soooo many conversations now, both with small businesses and larger companies, and always tried to listen impartially before we think of a solution or offer ourselves. Together with our partner companies from various trades Have we managed to build software that massively helps you work in the office relieved.

In this way, we want to show you transparently how Plancraft can make everyday office life easier for you. This should give you the freedom that you really deserve.

Modern means: maximum flexibility, full functionality

Long installation, complicated setups, storage space problems and then also tied to devices. These are all worries that you no longer have to worry about these days — thanks to the cloud. Plancraft solves exactly these problems. It offers you maximum flexibility with full functionality at the same time.

What does that mean?

Work when and from where you want. Simply log in via your browser and you have full access. Whether from a computer at home or from a tablet on the go. You can also access all your documents via your smartphone. Updates come all by themselves and your storage space is unlimited. And if you ever need help, our free support is there for you. Uncomplicated via all common channels, whether email, telephone or even WhatsApp. That's how simple handyman software works today.

Clearly arranged and therefore easy to operate

Maximum overview and time savings for you. That is our promise.

We've built Plancraft so that it's really intuitive to use. Just like in your office, you work with folders/folders here. But they are not physically in your office, but in the cloud and therefore always available and available for you.

Project folder or customer folder? You decide!

Either you create a separate folder for each customer or for each project. You can give out information that goes with it or not. The way you want.

It is important to us that you do not restrict yourself. It is therefore possible to name the folders freely. You decide how you organize yourself. We give you a tool here as well as in your craft - how you use it is up to you.

Your financial situation — easy overview and management

Good craftsman software should always provide you with an overview of your financial situation. That means which bill is

  • Open?
  • Overdue?
  • Paid or paid?
  • Does open security withhold?

An evaluation of invoices is just as important as an overview of the payment status. You should therefore know how much outstanding receivables are, how much has already been paid and in both gross and net terms - because there is still sales tax! And all that knowledge about the financial situation doesn't matter if you don't end up with a good interface with a tax advisor. So: always pay attention to a DATEV interface.

GoBD compliant - flexible, yet formally correct

Of course, your new craftsman program should also be the GoBD (Principles for the proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form) Follow up so that everything goes smoothly in the event of an examination. Invoices are read-only, ideally can also be digitally archived and accordingly in PDF-A format and immutable. So that you still remain flexible and do not have to cancel every false invoice, your software should also provide an option for subsequent processing. In Plancraft, an automatic version history both complies with GoBD and enables convenient, flexible work. The tax inspector, tax advisor and of course: you are happy. Why invoices written with Word & Excel are not GOBD compliant can you find here.

Quickest set-up — save manual copying

Afraid of a week-long software change? Have your letterhead or stationery set up and copy texts for hours, get used to it, only so that you have everything as before - just a bit newer?

You don't have to be afraid of that! With our integration features, you can switch easily and quickly. Your stationery is automatically created for you when you register for the first time. Do you already have stationery? Perfect, just deposit and you're done.

Importing services and articles is very easy and really fast. Prepare the file, import it, get started and that's it. But in detail:

The clever search makes it possible to search and reuse everything. That means all you have to do is get your texts in Plancraft. This is done in 2 easy ways:

  1. GAEB: Copy service texts and materials from a GAEB file and import them into Plancraft in seconds. Thanks to the search, you can reuse them at any time.
  2. excel: Do you still have your articles and texts in Excel/Word? Import them in the blink of an eye.

Real full-text search — standard for years, but not in the craft sector

“Yes, there is a lot flying around in the office. But I usually find that again somehow. It just takes time.”

Digital solutions simply have one advantage: In theory, you can search through everything pretty quickly. Or?

Can you search and find everything you've ever edited in your software?

Definitely in Plancraft! Because we have now also brought in-app search to business. In Plancraft, you can easily search through all your data and, for example, find and reuse position texts from old documents.


Suche in Plancraft für Angebote oder Rechnungen
Search in Plancraft for quotes or invoices
Suchergebnisse in Plancraft mit Leistungen und Materialien
Search results in Plancraft with services and materials

So special? It is just a full text search.

In other web solutions, you only ever have one completion of your typed term, e.g. “Fen...” then “Velux plastic window 120x180” is suggested. Results, from your data. Wow!

But what if you start your search with “Velux” or “plastic”? Then you won't find anything. It is different in Plancraft.

With the full text search, you can also find projects from your overview in seconds, for example. Search for customers, job keywords or customer and project numbers - no matter what, you'll find what you're looking for!

You can really find everything here!

“It should actually be really easy... I just use my finger to pull positions into the offer - is that possible?”

Write a complete offer again just before work. With our full text search, you can first search for an earlier offer that was similar and reuse positions from it. That's 30 seconds of time and you already have 50-70% of the new offer awesome!!

Now insert the missing positions into your new document via drag & drop. Either from searching from other projects or new positions that you have never offer/settled before.

Cumulative final calculation at the push of a button!

One of the frequently asked questions goes in the same direction over and over again: How can you write quickly and, above all, complete final invoices that take deductions into account?

Of course, you can simply add individual items to your invoice, which then manually include the advance invoices or advance payments made.

But that's kind of 1995, isn't it?

In Plancraft, at the end of your series of discounts, you can simply select that you want to create a final invoice. Take over the items from your offer or order confirmation, for example, and enter the final quantities to calculate the total amount.

Plancraft then does the clever part and lists all invoices and payments for you and your customer. As if by magic!

Übersicht der Abschläge und Zahlungen
Overview of deductions and payments


So you see, we've really thought about making life in the office really, really easier for you. Here are the top features in a nutshell:

  • Work where and when you want, regardless of the device — thanks to the cloud
  • State-of-the-art interface for simple and modern operation
  • Unlimited storage and free support
  • Quick set-up — simple import makes the switch straight away
  • Find everything again - already calculated positions can be quickly found again by searching
  • Reuse work - This is how texts & calculations can be recycled. Or entire documents. Without manual data maintenance
  • Final invoices at the push of a button - and all deductions and payments are automatically taken into account


Just do it

Do you also want to take a look at Plancraft because you also want more freedom for your already busy working day? You are of course welcome to yourself gratuitous Register and simply test it yourself. Have a look here.

Or sit back and let us simply and briefly show it to you in a live demo. Of course, you can also ask any questions you have, we will be happy to talk to you, we will take the time for you! Click here for a Demo appointment.

On this blog, we want to write about topics that interest you and really help you. Tell us what's bothering you:

Try it now, experience the joy.

Plancraft saves time, is super easy to learn, and offers many great features. Get started and gain more time for your craft.
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